Meet The Team

Marcia Lawrence-Russell

Executive Director


Qualified as a social worker in 1990 she went on to enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career, firstly as a probation officer for 8 years, then as the Post Qualifying and Practice Teaching Coordinator Sandwell Borough Council before successfully gaining employment with The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) as an Advice and Representation officer for seven years before being successfully promoted in 2009 as BASW’s Head of Service for Advice and Representation.   She simultaneously held the post of Assistant General Secretary of the Social Workers Union. She left that employment in April 2013.

She simultaneously held the post of practice educator and has supervised over 150 social work students through successful placements. She a degree in business management and is presently studying for a CIPD qualification.

Marcia has direct experience of workplace discrimination and has taken previous employers to the Employment Tribunal for race discrimination and harassment. She said “its time for change in the modern workplace. For far too long people have suffered, often having to walk away from chosen careers and jobs they loved”. “Different But Equal will be the collective voice to employers who fail to act against workplace discrimination, that we are not putting up with it any more”.


Desmond Jaddoo


Desmond Jaddoo is a former Local Government Housing Officer. Currently he is a Community Activist dealing with issues of Social Justice and Equality. He is committed to giving those who cannot be heard a voice through effective representation and amplification.


Based on his past experiences having being a past Senior Union steward and suffering Race & Disability Discrimination, which was successfully fought, he is fully aware of not only the pitfalls, but, also the isolation that many feel in the workplace when injustice takes place.


He sees “Different But Equal” as an organization which believes in; justice and a level playing field for all irrespective of Race, Gender, Sexuality, Ability, age or wealth.


“ Equality is the union for you, its here to work for you in order to help in the creation of a better and fairer society for all.”


Karyne Tazi

Vice Chairperson

Karyne Tazi was born in Cameroon, West Africa. She has a Bsc Sociology and Anthropology and an MSc Social work.

As a founding member and project coordinator of African Women of Substance, she is passionate about identifying and addressing the complex and changing needs of African women and children in the UK and Africa. Established in 2006, the vision of African Women of Substance (AWS) is to actively empower, encourage and celebrate women and girls of the African Diaspora and their communities. The charity provides a number of free services such as social, cultural and recreational activities to overcome social isolation.

Karyne is also the founder of the African Women Achiever’s Awards which gives African women in the UK the opportunity to be recognised and rewarded for their achievements. The awards are presented to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of African women who have overcome great cultural and social barriers to become exemplary role models within their communities.

She has expertise working across different areas in the corporate, business and community world with a vision to impact and positively transform lives and communities through sensitisation, education and empowerment. She currently sits as a board member on two other charities, namely Community Advice and Support Services, Birmingham and The Mama Verla Project as well as her local community association. She has also served as a board member of the international committee of The British Association of Social Workers.

She is happily married and lives in the West Midlands with her three children.


Kay Bell

Kay is social work professional with over 25 years practice and leadership experience.  Over the last eight years, Kay has worked in regional and national government advisory positions as well as in more recent high profile roles, including Independent Chair of a Local Safeguarding Children Board, and Regional Safeguarding Adviser for London.

Kay now manages her own Social Work Consultancy, working nationally across a range of disciplines, including in the voluntary and faith communities.  Kay brings to the DBE Board an interest in supporting managers and practitioners with a focus on enabling them to reach their highest potential being the creator and founder of Birmingham Social Services first Mentoring Scheme for Black Managers in the late 1990’s.