Q - Am I automatically a member of the union if I join Different But Equal?

A – Absolutely not, by law you have to actively choose to be a member of the union, thats why we have an opt- in section on the membership form.  Furthermore, you can be a member of Different But Equal and not be a member of the union, but why would you when membership of EQUALITY the union for YOU is at NO extra cost to you?

Q - I am already a member of another trade union, can I also be a member of Equal Justice?

A – Yes, we aim to keep the membership of Different But Equal very reasonably priced, so you purchase membership at low cost but at the same time we ensure high value.  Furthermore, there is no exclusivity Clause in joining Equal Justice, so you retain your freedom to choose.

Equal Justice will seek to work with other unions and will eventually apply for full membership of the TUC.

Q - Can Equal Justice represent me in my workplace pay and bargaining discussions?

A – Some workplaces already have bargaining agreements with other unions, in those instances we will seek to work in partnership with that union and regardless will voice our opinion to ensure our members voice’s are heard.

Where no bargaining agreements are in place, legislation exists which outlines the rules and conditions upon which Equal Justice can request bargaining status. Be assured we will keep members fully updated in these circumstances.

Q-How will Equal Justice be different to any other union?

A – We are not in the business of being critical of any other union, they all have their place and strengths. However, there is no denying that racism and other forms of discrimination, is the most difficult area of employment legislation to prove in Employment Tribunals. Additionally, when employees from discriminated groups make a complaint of alleged discrimination, they are picked out to be picked upon!  In most cases the employee ends up being the subject of a complaint themselves and sadly too many have to walk away from their chosen career, job security and lose confidence in  a system and  the supporting legislation that failed to protect them.

Some unions are driven by the agenda of law firms who tell them that if the case is below the notional 51% winnable they will not support the case. Furthermore some union reps feel out of their depth when representing people from discriminated group and therefore fail to advocate in a way that will make a difference.

Equal Justice will seek to be leaders and experts in representing people from discriminated groups. You will not have to convince us that racism and other forms of discrimination exists, and we will represent anyone who has tangible evidence that discrimination has taken place.

Q- Who will represent me?

A – All Advocacy and Advice Officials will be trained in Employment Law, and will be specifically trained and aware of the many facades that discrimination can materialise in the workplace. As an independent organisation Advocacy and Advice Officials will not be afraid to ‘tell it has it is’.

Q- Who can you represent and where?

A- You will be eligible for representation when you have been a member of DBE for 3months consecutively and have opted in for membersip of Equal Justice. We will advocate on your behalf wherever you need it, in the workplace, at a regulatory bodies or at an Employment Tribunal.

Q - How do I become a member?

A- Join Different But Equal today and opt into Equal Justice for free. You can join on-line or download the application form and post to us at the office address.

Q - Is the service confidential?

A – Yes, you can be assured that we will not discuss your case with anyone, including your employer.  Sometimes we may already be advising a manager or other employee involved in your scenario, in those cases we will allocate your case to an Advocacy and Advice Official who has not been previously involved.

However PLEASE NOTE that if you inform us of a criminal offence or something which can reasonably be regarded as placing a vulnerable person or child at risk, then we are under a duty to report it to the relevant organisation. In such cases we will discuss the matter with the member concerned to ascertain the situation.

Q - Is Different But Equal and Equal Justice available throughout the UK?

A – Theoretically, yes; however as we will be a new organisation we will be initially marketing the the organisation in Birmingham.  However members of other parts of the country are welcome to join. Once again we will keep you informed of developments on the news and media page.

Q - Can I get representation from day one of my membership?

A – No. We had to ensure that members and membership funds was not abused by people who could seek to only become members when they required representation. Therefore in order to protect the organisation there is a 3 month consecutive membership qualifying period for representation.

However, you will be eligible for telephone advice and support from the first day of your membership.  So why not join today? you never know when you will need someone to represent you in the workplace.

Q - How can I access the quarterly regional networking meetings?

A – As DBE develops and the membership grows, iI will invite members to organise regional networking meetings.

The primary function will be to ensure mutual support to members and create an opportunity to network. Based on the principals of ‘support groups’ these meeting will be managed for members, by members.

A sample guidance and term of reference documents will be used and each region will select a chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer and secretary. These meetings will be a channel for identifying trends and region specific issues which can be feedback to the DBE board.

Regional networking meeting can also submit motions for the relevant AGM, whether DBE or Equal Justice.