Into your Career' mentoring programme. (IYC)

Into your Career Mentoring Programme (IYC) will be a unique mentoring programme. Most other mentoring programmes are either time limited or age restrictive.  IYC is founded upon the principal of ‘ giving back’ and will seek to support mentees from wherever they are along their chosen career path or whatever their age or experience. Mentee’s will be supported until they have successfully completed their agreed task.

Put simply, IYC mentoring programme will be there with you along your chosen career path and mentees can be assured that there will always be support, guidance and a listening ear.


How will it work?


IYC mentoring programme is an integral part of DBE. Members who join DBE will indicate on the application form whether or not they wish to be considered to undertake the DBE mentoring programme. This will be a developed mentoring programme which will seek formal accreditation)

At the same time DBE will work with relevant partner agencies to develop a process, who require support whilst they achieving their career goals.

DBE will then allocate mentors to mentees together based on the individual mentees criteria. The DBE mentors will provide the mentorship without charge, the payback will be simply knowing that they are ‘giving back’ and enabling someone else ‘into their career‘.

Mentors and mentees of the IYC Mentor Program will need to be members of DBE.

Into Your Career
Mentors and mentees of the IYC Mentor Program will need to be members of DBE.
  1. No Age Restriction.

  2. No Experience Needed.

  3. Get Support & Guidance.

  4. Gain Employment.

  5. Partnered Agencies.

Into your Career’ mentoring programme. (IYC)

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